Dear Pastor,

This email letter is being sent to you to announce a new web site that we hope will be a great blessing to your organization. Apologetics Coordination Team (ACT) is a brand new place where you can book excellent apologetics teachers, from your local area, using a convenient online interface.

ACT has a new web site where you can easily find details on what we're all about, initiate a booking process online, and get a knowledgeable teacher for your organization. You pick the time, the date and the subject and we will find a great speaker to fill your needs!

ACT speakers, from a variety of denominational backgrounds, can cover subjects such as: Cult Awareness & How To Witness To Cults, Ancient Heresies & Where We Find Them Today, False Teachings, Testing Music & Media With The Scriptures, Servant Leadership, False Prophets, and Standing Firm In Biblical Truth.  Check out our doctrinal statement, which all our speakers have signed.

ACT speakers are all well known to each other, have taught at conferences together, are experts in the fields of apologetics and discernment, and have their own ministries of long standing. Many also run their own web sites. ACT speakers include pastors, teachers, missionaries, and researchers--each one with many years of experience in the field of apologetics.

ACT can find a speaker to fit your apologetics and discernment needs who is close to your area.  We hope to build relationships with many churches around the world so we can continue to provide excellent speakers for events, conferences, study groups, church services, lectures, and more.

ACT would like to hear from you.  You can visit the new web site for more information.  If you have any questions, please contact me, Sandy Simpson, by email.

In His hands,

Sandy Simpson
Apologetics Coordination Team

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