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The secret of this diet is very simple.  I discovered it when I had run out of all other options. I’d tried all kinds of diets including many major diets detailed in best-selling books. But there was always one problem with them all … they were “diets”. No matter what great results they promised, no matter what results they temporarily achieved, they still made me  feel like I was depriving myself of good, healthy foods. I set out to put together a program for myself that would meet the following criteria:

1) No restriction of certain foods. 
2) No feeling deprived. 
3) No strenuous exercise program. 
4) No staying awake at night due to the stomach upset from eating strange foods.

When you purchase this program there is nothing else you will have to buy, no special foods, NOTHING ELSE!

Now you can also share in the unique secret of this weight loss program for approximately the price of a paperback ...

only $9.95
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