Here's an excerpt from an e-mail from a student:



I am a student at Evangel College, and I have had some concerns about the Brownsville Revival.

Some things about Brownsville seem to be very cultic in nature.

A girl I know here at Evangel will not listen to anything but Brownsville CDs, because she doesn't think that any other music is "anointed." She frequently visits the church, and she thinks that John Kilpatrick and Steve Hill have a "special anointing from God." She almost worships them.

She also watches their videotapes on a regular basis. The same ones, over and over.

She plays them in our lobby because she thinks that the videotapes have a "Spiritual-draw" to them, and this "Spiritual-draw" will bring people from their rooms to watch it with her.

I don't know how successful she has been, but she still believes it.

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