John Kilpatrick's Prophecy
Against Hank Hanegraaff
Brownsville Assembly of God, April 6, 1997

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You're all gonna have to pardon me for being beside myself, but I got a word from the Lord last night.

I have found out, and I want to remind everybody here under the sound of my voice, God has good hearing. I'm preaching, this morning, a message concerning God's ears.

God is not only omniscient, friend, for He knows everything, but He has an all-seeing eye. Nothing gets past the sight of the Lord. And God not only has crystal-clear eyesight that is comprehensive -- it covers the whole earth and the whole universe -- but God has a set of ears like you wouldn't believe.

And God said, "Moses, tell the children of Israel, I have heard what they have said, and all that they have said that has come into My ears, I'm going to do it to them." What did they say? They said, "We're going to die." Their own words.

Friend, listen to me. Their own words caused fiery serpents to come up and to destroy them. I don't know about you, but it really makes me understand this morning that I need to be careful what I say. It really reminds me that I need to be careful not to speak rashly before the Angel of the Lord or before the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is all round us at all times, and I want the Lord to hear come out of my mouth that which is pleasing unto the Lord. Watch your mouth!

Well, if what God hears determines to a large degree what God does, I think we need to be careful. I want to say that again. What God hears determines, to a large degree, what God does. Grumbling and murmuring causes Satanic activity to stir against us.

Don't let the devil get your blood boiling. Don't let the devil get you worried and upset, but just begin to praise the Lord. It will still the enemy, and it will shut the mouth of the lion. God has ordained a method to silence the devil. Our mouth is what Cape Canaveral is to the space program. The devil will never be stilled and the enemy will never be avenged if you don't use your mouth as a launching pad for praise.

Somebody says, "Oh, brother Kilpatrick, you're excited." No, I'm not excited -- I'm beside myself. And I will tell you why. The Lord gave me a word last night that I'm going to share with you in a few minutes.

I want to tell you friend, when things are at their worst, put a guard at your mouth and don't let anything seep between your lips that would not be pleasing in the ears of the Lord, and when God looks down and sees your plight and God sees your dilemma and He hears praises coming from your voice, He will say to the angels, "Shhhh! I want to enjoy this for a minute." And God will break your prison open, and God will set you free.

Did you know, when you just let your mouth fly off at the handle, and you just let your lips say anything they want to say, and you let your tongue be cut loose and then start speaking out all kind of darkness and all kind of fear and all kind of unbelief, I want you to know you're ordering it. You're ordering that and it will come to you. It will come to you. But the Bible said "To him that orders his conversation aright, will I show the salvation of the Lord." Which brings me to my point.

We got word last night that on "Larry King Live" that they had a program on there about Heaven's Gate cult. How many of you have heard about the Heaven's Gate cult? How many of you have heard about the mass suicides out there in San Diego?

Well they got this thing called Heaven's Gates cult, and a bunch of people followed this cult leader, and they went off on the deep end and believed that there was a flying saucer at the end of the Halley-Bopp comet. And they believed by taking their lives that they would be jacked up into another dimension, and they could team up with these space people, and it would lead them into Heaven's Gate. That's wrong, that's deception, that's of the devil. Not even part of the Bible. That's a cult and that's wrong.

But, on "Larry King Live" the other night, they had a program on cults. And they had a call-in show and some lady called in and said "I was at that cult down there in Pensacola, Florida, at the Brownsville church."

And they had Hank Hanegraaff on their program and Hank Hanegraaff said, "Yes, I was there." And he said there was a woman up in the choir that shook her head -- [applause] -- that shook her head the whole time."

And they were trying to paint a picture to America that this revival was nothing but a cult and that its coming up in America as something that was evil and deceptive. When I heard that last night, I went home and I was upset -- a little bit. I went up to my office after I got home. When I went out there, I talked to the Lord about it, because I knew I was facing today and I was asking the Lord, "Lord, what shall I preach on today?"

And the Lord said, "I want you to go before My people and I want you to tell them something." He said, "Even in regard to what you're upset about and worried about," He said, "Son" -- it's what He said to me last night, and I heard the Lord, friend. If I didn't hear God I'd tell you, but I heard the Lord. And the Lord said, "Did I not tell you the first week that revival broke out in that church, did I not tell you to have no fear and not to worry? And before any kind of a problem could surface its head good, I would already have the answer in the pipeline to you?" He said, "Did I not tell you that?"

And I said, "Yes, Lord, you did, and I thank You for reminding me."

And the Lord said, "Do you remember reading in the Bible where I said that if you ask the Lord for a piece of bread, will I give him a serpent?" And the Lord said, "I tell you this: Sometimes the things of God come to humanity first in a negative form. And it comes first, and when I send something first, it looks like a serpent."

When I first heard of the baptism of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues and many people in America first hear about the baptism of the Holy Ghost with speaking in tongues, it looks like a serpent. It looks like something you want to avoid and get away from, like that's not of God. But the Lord said, "If you'll hold on to the tail of that snake long enough, I'll turn it into bread."

When you first hear that the Lord is not just a Savior but He's a divine healer, it comes --that truth comes --in a negative form like "How could God heal cancer, or how can God heal epilepsy, or how can God heal aids?" And you just can't see it. You just can't fathom that, and it looks like a serpent at first. But you hold on to it, and it'll turn to a piece of bread.

God said "If you ask Me for bread, I will not give you a serpent, but if it looks like a serpent at first, hang on to it and it will turn into bread." And God said, "This shall be no different."

He said, "Son, I'll tell you what's going to happen." He said, "The devil will rant and rave, and the devil will try to do everything he can," but He said, "Son, I've got you in My hand, I've got Brownsville Assembly in My hand, I've got Steve Hill in My hands. I've got the integrity and the name of that church in My hand." And He said, "Actually, this is gonna work in your favor." He said, "Because when people, when CNN gets ahold of that, they're gonna start looking into it, and different places, different media and different television stations are gonna start looking into it, and I'm gonna spread the fame of what I'm doing in Pensacola through that." Somebody shout Alleluia! [wild applause]

And He said, "When they start looking into it, it'll look like a snake to America," but He said, "When the camera focuses in, and when the focus is made and the story is told, America will know that there is a great awakening among the nation and America will know that I, the Lord thy God, am moving mightily."

And He said, "No man, no institution, no company, no network, no newspaper, nor no false demon will be able to stop what I, the Lord thy God, am doing. Nobody will be able to stop it."

I'm launching some missiles out of my mouth, and I want to put some statements in the ears of the Lord. We shall not fear. Let the devil rant, let the devil rage, let the heathen rage, but we shall not be afraid, for we trust in the Lord our God.

I want to say something else. We did not advertise this revival. We did not start this revival. We did not put publications in magazines or newspapers across this country. We shied away from that. And we said in the very beginning, if it gets out, it will have to be the Lord.

A man named Dick reads: "Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil," Paul said. "The Lord reward him according to his works: Of whom thou be aware also; for he hath greatly withstood our words. At my first answer no man stood with me, but all men forsook me: But now I pray God that it may not be laid to their charge."

I want to say something this morning to Hank Hanegraaff. Hank Hanegraaff, you may feel like that you can put on the badge of heaven and put on your white cap and saddle up on your big horse and ride through the kingdom of God straightening everybody out. But I don't know who called you to be the high sheriff of heaven and go around straightening everybody out. I don't know who did that.

But I'm going to tell you one thing: You may criticize other people and other moves of God and other ministries, but you'd better leave your hands off of this one! Better leave your hands off of this one.

We're walking humbly before God. We're praying. Our lives are in order. Our finances are in order. Our families are in order. We're not in adultery, and we're not in deception. We're only trying to manage and pastor a move of God. And Mr. Hanegraaff, I want to say to you, before you get back on national television and start spouting off at the mouth again about something of which you know nothing of, you'd better be careful, because God said, "Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord."

And I want to say something else to you. If you want to keep any kind of a semblance of a ministry, you better back off from this revival and what God is doing. You better back off, because I'm going to prophesy to you that if you don't, and you continue to put your tongue in your mouth on this move of God, within 90 days the Holy Ghost will bring you down. I said, within 90 days the Holy Ghost will bring you down.

And I speak that as a man of God. I don't speak that out of vengeance, I don't speak it out of selfishness, and I don't speak it out of a hurt feeling, because my feelings are not hurt. I feel as normal today as I've ever felt. I don't have a chip on my shoulder, I don't have an ax to grind. But this is a move of God and you better leave it alone. [Applause.]

And I want to tell you something else. If you don't want your head to start shaking -- you make fun of somebody in the choir shaking - come here a minute, girl. Come down here a minute. Hurry up. Hurry up. If you don't want your head to do like this, you better lay your mouth off of her. I know this girl. She's a godly girl. She's a school teacher, and she lives a godly life.

Wait a minute. Stand up here. Listen. Tell them what God did to your neck.

Woman: "He healed me of a neck and back injury from a car accident."

She had a neck and a back injury from a car accident and couldn't move. And God has given her a sign. Every service you can't do this if you have a neck and a back injury. But when the Lord set her free, He's given an example to everybody that He's a healer. And friend, let me tell you something. Listen! [Applause and cheering]

What happened? Why do you shake like that?

Woman: "I think it started as confirmation of my healing, 'cause I didn't have full range of motion, and I had a lot of pain and my neck would have never been able to do this before it was healed."

Mr. Hanegraaff! I want to say something to you. Better walk a mile in another man's moccasins before you make a judgment on him. I want to say something else.

Am I ashamed that I've got a woman in my choir that shakes like she's got palsy? No! Every time I look up there it's going to be a reminder "I am the Lord thy God Who healeth thee." [Cheering and applause]

Friend, when you come into the presence of the Lord, let there be thankfulness on your lips. And the Bible said "Enter into His courts with" what? "With praise." God said to Israel, "I am the Lord God. I've give you bread, I've given you quail, I've given you a pillar of fire by night to keep you warm, I've given you a pillar of cloud by day to keep you cool. I've done all these great and mighty things for you and you can't come into My presence without murmuring and griping and complaining." And God said, "Moses, I tell you what you tell that people. You tell that people that everything that they have said that has come into My ears, I'm going to do it unto them."

And let that be a lesson to the church this morning, and Mr. Hanegraaff, let it be a lesson to you, and let the rest of the body of Christ learn a lesson this morning that God is at work and heaven has its hard hat on and God is doing a last day quick work before the soon-coming of His Son, Jesus Christ. And I think the last thing He needs is a distraction of ungodly people that call themselves Christians that can't do anything but murmur and complain and gripe.

I tell you what I want to do before the trumpet sounds and before the Lord Jesus comes back. I want to have a repository built up in heaven in the ears of God where I praise Him through every trial and every difficulty and every season of tribulation.

I want to close by giving ten proclamations about how things are going to be. Mr. Hanegraaff, and all other devils, listen up.

Number 1: This revival - I'm making a proclamation. I'm speaking this not just to you, friends, to impress you, but I'm saying this as a man of God from behind this holy desk in this holy environment of a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And I'm not saying this to you, but I'm saying this for the ears of God. And here's what I'm saying. This revival shall not diminish and this revival shall turn into a national awakening.

Number 2: That all misunderstandings and rumors and calculated error shall turn from being a snake into hot bread, that an evil report shall actually be the forerunner for curiosity and repentance and conviction to follow millions in America and come to Christ.

Number 3: God, I'm saying this in Your ears. We're not down, Lord. We're up. Number 3, Lord, hear this one: That God shall give us the necessary lands and buildings and technology to facilitate all that He will bring to this campus.

Number 4: That all moneys needed for accommodating this encounter with America, all moneys shall roll in undisturbed and shall roll in abundantly to meet every need.

Number 5: That the numbers that's presently out there on our marquee by the road of over 100,000 people that have made decisions for Christ shall in a short period of time to come, because of the great awakening and because of God's power about to fall in an unprecedented way from the White House to Pensacola, from Maine to California, and from Washington to Florida, that the numbers shall change in the near future from over 100,000 to millions before all is said and done. I said millions, millions, millions, millions, millions!

People come to us all the time and they say, "Brother Kilpatrick, I'm so concerned about you and Steve. I had a vision, I had a dream." Okay, that's fine. Warn me, write me letters, that's fine. I'm praying too. But my eyes are not going to be fixated on any letter you send me. My eyes are not going to be fixated on any vision that you send me that's negative and dark, because that's not the Lord. Warn me. Warn me when temptations coming, and warn me when a battle is ahead. That's fine. But that shall not be the end result. It will only be a crook in the road.

I make this proclamation, Number 6: That no weapon that is formed against me or Steve Hill or this major outpouring of the Holy Spirit shall prosper.

I'm not worried about no bomb. Let me tell you something. There's been over a million and a half people through here. There's been witches, warlocks, murderers, all kinds of people through here, and there ain't been no bomb went off yet. And I'm going to make a proclamation in the ears of God - see this battle is not ours. This is His battle. I'm going to make a proclamation in the ears of God: let 'em wire one. Let 'em get 'em Hertz or rent a U-Haul and put it up outside in the front with fertilizer and all that mess. It won't go off.

I'm saying this in the ears of God. Y'all just forget this for a minute. I'm saying this in the ears of God: Father, let some heathen, let some devil-possessed person load up a truck full of explosives or put a bomb in a bag. Let 'em do it. Father, I say in Your ears, You're great. You sent angels to take the wheels off the chariots in the Bible. You told men to blow a trumpet and walls fell down on the ground as the people shouted. Lord, there's so much glory and praise in this place that even if a bomb is brought on this campus, I make a proclamation, Lord, it shall never, ever go off, in the Name of Jesus.

Number 8: I make a proclamation that the church known as Brownsville Assembly of God shall maintain its integrity and anybody that the devil tries to bring into this congregation for the wrong purpose, shall fall away and never be heard from again and will have no effect whatsoever on this church in a negative way.

Number 9: I make a proclamation in the ears of the Lord that supernatural, divine, Holy Ghost healings and deliverances and signs and wonders begin to drastically increase so as to leave no doubt that God is still in the miracle-working business.

Number 10: I make this proclamation and we close. That all of the above nine things happen expeditiously as possible, for the hour is drawing nigh of the soon-coming of our Lord Jesus.

So Lord, let it be recorded on this day, April 6, 1997, the day that we spring ahead an hour, let it be known, Lord, in heaven and in Your ears, that this is not a bunch of emotionalism, but we will not be like Israel and murmur and cry and complain when things don't go our way, for Thou art great and greatly to be praised. Thou art great and greatly to be praised.

Steve Hill: Yesterday I talked to David Ravenhill. Many of you are familiar with Leonard Ravenhill. David is his son. David is mightily used of God all over the world. Powerful man of God. How many of you are familiar with Leonard Ravenhill? Last night I was talking with David. Leonard wrote all the books on revival, esteemed as a great man of God. David's his son and has always been used in prophetic ministry. He was here at this revival.

He called me. He said, "Steve, I just want you to know that Hanegraaff is coming against me, calling me a false prophet in the last days." The Ravenhill family!

Friend, this is what's going to happen and get ready for it. Brownsville Assembly, you need to get some backbone. Some of you are wimps in this place. You need to get some backbone. Whose side are you on? Are you on God's side, or not? God wants to save this nation, and what's happening is religion is coming up against the supernatural. This is supernatural what's taking place in this place. We had a witch saved this week. That was supernatural. We've had drug addicts saved. That's supernatural. God's coming down. And God is going to cause, He's GOT to do this, God has got to do this. He has got to shake the church. He's got to bring a dividing rod right down the middle and people are going to have to choose which way they're going to go, because God's about to raise up the bride of Christ, and He doesn't want any stain, He doesn't want any blemish, and so friend, in these last days, get ready for it. You better make up your mind what you believe.

The negative causes people to talk. They go, "Wait a minute, Hanegraaff. Wait a minute, Larry King. I've been in that revival. My son was saved in that revival. My child was saved in that revival. My husband was an alcoholic and he was set free in that revival. My marriage was healed in that revival."

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