Sandy & Rose Simpson

Sandy Simpson was born in the U.S. At the age of ten he moved, with his missionary parents, to the islands of Palau in Micronesia. He was home schooled through the seventh grade, then attended and graduated high school at Faith Academy in the Philippines. He attended college in the U.S. and on Guam, studying music, Bible and theater. He was one of the first artists to write and record what is now called "contemporary christian music" or CCM, starting in 1969. He started numerous music groups after college, doing concerts in many places. He subsequently established a commercial jingle company that was one of the first of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. During this time he also met Jeff Johnson and began producing and writing albums with him for Ark Records. These albums were then distributed by a number of major labels such as Sparrow Records and Meadowlark Records. Sandy put together Outrigger Productions and Outrigger Records to produce his own solo albums as well as do commercial advertising projects. During this fifteen year period he produced many albums of his music as well as others, countless national and regional jingles, multi-media slide show music, and industrial and feature film scores. He was also married to his wife Rose and now has three children. Sandy became a missionary with the Liebenzell Mission USA in 1989 and was involved in ministries of all kinds on Guam and throughout Micronesia. He also produced video and audio productions for the mission and Pacific Islands University. He was instrumental in bringing speakers and artists to Guam, and was active in coordinating many youth related outreaches. He was then based out of Oahu for 16 years ministering to Micronesians, doing Bible studies, visiting the sick, and continuing to do discernment ministry.  Now Sandy and the Apologetics Coordination Team is located in North Carolina and affiiated with Moriel Ministries. His goal is to reach people with the gospel message -- that Jesus Christ can create in you a new person if you will simply confess your sins, believe that He paid the penalty for those sins by dying on the cross for you, believe that He rose again to provide you eternal life, and follow where He leads.

You can contact Sandy Simpson at: Sandy Simpson, P.O. Box 1043, Wadesboro, NC 28170

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