September 2001

Volume 1, Issue 10

"There will be false teachers among you "

Inside this issue:

Kenneth Copeland's
Land of Biblical Revelations
by Mike Oppenheimer,
Let Us Reason Ministries, 1997

Kenneth Copeland has risen to Christian stardom by being on TV for a number of years. Many people I talk with say they never heard him say the things that are in his books written on the Word Faith teachings. This is highly unlikely since he is consistent in his teachings. So either they are not paying attention or they do not see what many are saying because they are buried deep in it. This article is to make people more aware of the aberrant theology and practices Copeland promotes. Alongside everything that is said we will look at the Scriptures to see if it is truth or

error that is being spoken.

"Now he said in Jn. 3:5 verily I say unto you except a man be born of water and of the spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." (video) Now when you study that out about the kingdom of God it means he cannot enter into the way God does things .The way God does things in his word in the anointing and that that's really what being connected to the supernatural is all about. (Kenneth Copeland)

Does God have an anointing? Is not God himself the Holy Spirit who is the anointing that was upon Jesus and lives inside the believer? The kingdom of God does not mean what Copeland says. He is

Kenneth Copeland

twisting it to a completely new meaning. The kingdom of God means to be born again of the spirit (from above) so that one can enjoy eternal life with the Savior. Copeland's implication is we can do things the way God does by speaking His word and

Kenneth Copeland - who is he? by Sandy Simpson

Kenneth Copeland is a televangelist on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN). He has a show called "Jesus Is Lord", yet when you study his teachings you can see clearly that the "Jesus" he is referring to as "Lord" is not the Lord Jesus Christ revealed in Scripture. Kenneth Copeland has had a long association with his mentor and teacher, Kenneth Hagin of RHEMA. Hagin got most of his doctrinal ideas from E.W. Kenyan who was a proponent of the false doctrines of New Thought. "Word-Faith teachers (such as Copeland) owe their ancestry to groups like Christian Science,

Swedenborgianism, Theosophy, Science of Mind, and New Thought--not to classical Pentecostalism. It reveals that at their very core, Word-Faith teachings are corrupt and cultish, not Christian. The sad truth is that the gospel proclaimed by the Word-Faith movement is not the gospel of the New Testament. Word-Faith doctrine is a mongrel system, a blend of mysticism, dualism, and gnosticism that borrows generously from the teachings of
the metaphysical cults. The Word-Faith movement may be the most dangerous false system that has grown out of the

charismatic movement so far, because so many charismatics are unsure of the finality (ultimate authority and inerrancy) of Scripture (Charismatic Chaos , p. 290)."

The influence of Word-Faith teachers is now being felt everywhere because of false teachers like Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Rod Parsley and many others who teach Word-Faith false doctrines. This is because they are travelling the world and many are reading their books, listening to their teaching tapes, and watching them on TV.

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