The Gift Of Hope by Rev. Steven Leuice

On the eve of a new year, some say a new millennium, I ran out of time. That's right. Actually, my wristwatch just stopped, but I found a new one at the store yesterday. Can you believe it? It keeps track of the tides! That's important in Micronesia, as some old sage appropriately stated, "The tide waits for no man."  But in the spiritual ebb and  flow of our lives, it's a real danger when we become impatient in appraising the spiritual "tide" or maturity of

Christian youth. We really should wait. The Palauan language has words which describe all the various graduations of the tides, from high highs to low lows, and every variety in between.

Unfortunately, we tend to label "youth" in only one of two categories:  "That's a good kid; but that one over there, look out, he's trouble!"

One way to help our youth, is to remember that there are moral graduations inside the

parameters of good and evil. The Bible teaches that there is evil and worse evil, just as there is good and better.  Paul said, "He who marries his betrothed does good; but he who does not marry her does even better ... Let him do what he wants, he is not sinning. They should get

Youth Ideas compiled by Sandy Simpson


Prayer Journal - Give all the youth in your group a divided notebook. In this notebook ask each youth to write daily what his or her prayer needs are and what date they prayed for them. In the back section of the notebook have them record what date God

answered their prayers.

Bible Study

Body Drama - Form groups of 4-6. On separate 3x5 cards write different body parts, such as "hand", "eye", "mouth," etc. Give each group a different card and tell them to prepare to act out what's on their cards

Here are a few fun ideas for ministry to youth. There are a number of sites on the Internet where you can get valuable information for youth groups. The following were taken from EGAD!, a youth ministry web site at! These ideas are sorted by subject.