Want to be able to see your way through to clear biblical discernment? Want a set of tools that will allow you to disciple your loved ones so they will stand firm in th Faith? Want to sort out many of the false arguments and teachings that have invaded the churches? Then DISCERNMENT TOOLKIT is for you! Clear concise biblical teaching on how to discern, test and judge with righteous judgment are laid out, chapter by chapter, in this 400 page book by Sandy Simpson. Read the first chapter here. Get time-tested advice on subjects like: Judge Rightly, Demolish Arguments, Know What You Believe, Know What They Believe, Define The Terms, Protect Your Church, Avoid False Unity, Get The Leaven Out, Be A Humble Servant, Worship God As Sovereign, Preach The Real Gospel, Pray In The Spirit, Be Wary Of The Doctrines Of Men, Donít Follow Their Example, Test Everything, Donít Shipwreck Your Faith, Look For The Fruit, Obey The Lord ... This limited edition book is available now for $15.00 plus $4.00 s/h.  Non US Postal addresses are $15.00 plus $9.00 s/h. Order by PayPal or mail today!

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